Danes are some ungrateful welfare-maniacs...

02-Dec-2013 - Comments

In Denmark, we don't celebrate thanksgiving, and have never done it. Nevertheless, last week, we saw that Black Friday is starting to show its spoiled face on the Danish shopping scene. In my eyes, that just says too much about the Danish culture.

In Denmark, we have a huge amount of welfare. The last I heard was, that we are on top of the amount of taxes worldwide, together with Sweden. I love that, honestly, and I don't doubt that this social security is what makes Denmark the happiest country in the world year after year.

However, the ones outside Denmark who actually likes our system and dosn't just call us communists, look as us as a flower-power-happy-with-the-government population. We have welfare, we have democracy, the top isn't corrupt, we got all we need, don't we? - Well no, not really. True, our government is for sure more valid than...

Racism is an anti-racist's term..

28-Oct-2013 - Comments

Okay, so I know that racism is always a sensitive subject, but I also think that the only way to destroy it is to talk about it, and to teach the so-called anti-racists that most of them aren't making the world a better place for 'blacks', they're making it worse. (and by blacks, I mainly just mean 'people, who are victims of racism', I just need a shorter word for that.. But you know, mainly blacks and muslims)

The problem with extreme anti-racists is, that nothing pointing out a skin color in any way is forgivable. It's not okay to point out that Obama is a black president, even though most people mean it in a good way: he is the first black president, and we respect him for that and it shows that the US has gone a long way since the Civil War. It's not okay to say...

How we love to point out problems, that are non-exsistent.

09-Oct-2013 - Comments

A few hours ago, the Danish news site TV2 posted an article, raising awareness of the "problem" about products like these - Super Skinny Jeans from H&M. What the article says is, that this is a way to promote being skinny to even the youngest children - a thing that can be, as most people know, both be unhealthy physically and unhealthy to the childs mind, if he/she thinks you're nothing worth if you aren't that skinny. In this article, experts argue that labels like that will steal away the youth of the children, because they will be aware of such things as being skinny at a very young age, and that it can destroy their self view through life because they've been raised to hunt this ideal body, but maybe can't achieve it. Now I'm just thinking....... how in the world can experts think one word will curropt all...

Is facebook to be dead to the youth?

18-Aug-2013 - Comments

Now I know I'm a few days late with this, but I simply haven't had the time to write this - no matter how much I've wanted to make a comment.

On August 11th - last sunday - 13 yearold Ruby Karp wrote this article: I'm 13 and None of My Friends Use Facebook

This is quite interesting reading, especially when you think of the fact that the author is 13 years old. If that's true - I'll start off sending my deep respect to this kid, 'cause she's expressing herself better than most adults. Nevertheless, I must declare that I disagree with her.

The article is in general about how she has facebook, and none of her friends do - because they just don't want to. Her two main points are, that facebook has a too high minimum age; and that too many adults (parents) know of- and have...