When anti-racism hinders compliments...

27-Aug-2014 - Comments

I guess we can all agree, that racism is a thing from hell. How anyone can truly judge people on their skin color remains a mystery to me. But so does how some people can read negative racism into everything, and that anti-racism trend I somehow find even worse than real racism. As I've written before, Racism is an anti-racist's term..

The reason I say that is because I believe that racism wouldn't at all be such a big problem today, if not white, extreme anti-racists and colored negative heads saw racism everywhere. I think that the fact that I, as a white person, have to watch my every word around colored persons, is the true essence of racism - and it sucks.

An example is this little video from "What your mother never told you" on Upworthy: [A White Woman Reads Letters From Women Of Color Who Want You...

Let's help paedophiles with child sex robots.

18-Jul-2014 - Comments

Far most people agree that having sex with a child is wrong, and of course, so do I. It is pure abuse, and the child will forever be marked and never forget it. Not to forget, it is ethically wrong because sex should be between two adults who agree on it and enjoy it - not between an adult enjoying it and a child not having any idea what's happening.

People do forget, though, that the taboo about having sex with a child - or just getting turned on by children - is partly made up by society. People are disgusted by everything that has child and sex in the same sentence. For example, most western people see cartoons as something for children, and therefore cannot accept hentai (Japanese cartoon-porn). Of course there is also animated porn with children, not to forget child-like sex dolls, and people get repelled by...

Transsexuality is now an advantage as a singer.

10-May-2014 - Comments

The Eurovision Song Contest is now over. A song contest that has been more a center of discussion than it's been any time I can remember (me being only 18, you know...), because of our beloved Russia: Shouldn't they be forced out of the competition, because of their hatred towards homosexuality, which most European countries consider a violence against human rights?!

Well, let me start out with my opinion: No, they shouldn't. I don't believe we should remove anybody from a friendly, international competition because of the top of the country's politics. These two girls, who were in the Eurovision for Russia this year, really haven't done anything wrong (at least from what I know of), and it'd be very unfair to exclude them, and the rest of the country for that matter, because their government is messed up. Let's not generalize all Russians as homophobics - I mean, you...

"Let's create laws against halal without effects!"

27-Apr-2014 - Comments

During the last few days, the debate about sex between humans and animals has been a big part of Danish medias. This is legal in Denmark, since there has been found no evidence that animals should in general suffer from it, and I do agree that I've yet to hear a valid argument to make it illegal. I'm one of the few who agree to this, though; many people think the argument "A lot of animals suffer because the man's penis is too big or they get tied up or something like that" is a good argument to make it illegal. That, I really do not understand. Am I the only one who have realized that abuse towards animals IS illegal? So if the animal suffers, yes, of course the abuser shall be punished, and he/she already will. So I see no reason to make a law that's all against...

Gay marriage or just marriage?

22-Mar-2014 - Comments

This is not a 'white bird', it's just a bird. file It's wings are not grey wings, they're just wings. It's tail is not a black tail, it's just a tail.

How does these things sound to you? To me, it sounds quite poetic, but in reality, I think it's just any language-teacher's nightmare. Saying that this is a bird, it has wings and it has a tail, it not very descriptive. Saying that it's a white bird, with grey wings and a black tail creates a quite different picture in our minds; exactly what we learn to do in school.

The problem is that as time goes, more and more adjectives gets banned from our language. Saying that this bird is 'white' is no problem, but imagine if it was a human. Saying that the human is 'white' would be a bit more dangerous. Now imagine if it was...