Photos from Genki 2014

28-Aug-2014 - Comments

I know I've been quite slow with this, but the start of the school year have been taking most of my time since Genki. However, here it is!
Pictures from Genki 2014, an anime convention in Farum, Denmark ^^


Since I worked at the con most of the weekend, there isn't much else than the photoshoot of Mads and Cecilie as Xerxes Break and and Sharon Rainsworth from Pandora Hearts. I am prety satisfied with what we got from this shoot, though :3

You can see most of the pictures in the gallery, and if you're interrested in some "behind-the-scenes" photos, you can find them on my facebook-page. Hope you like it!

Cecilie in the Forest

18-Oct-2013 - Comments

This monday, I went to the forest with a good friend of mine to take some pictures. I'm quite satisfied with some of the pictures we got from it! You can see the album here.


As for the Exif.. Well.. It's quite bad. For the first many pictures, I simply forgot all about the ISO and had it on 1600. So that's why a lot of the pictures are a bit bad quality.. It was also a quite dark forest, so with the least movement or over-exposuring, the ISO had to go up as well. But yeah, that's what happens ^^, I hope you like the pictures anyway. :p

Gallery and Genki photos!

18-Oct-2013 - Comments

Well, I completely forgot to make an update about this: I've finally got a gallery! And I've even finally edited some pictures from my cosplay photoshoot at Genki 2013 (anime convention in Farum, Denmark)!

This is my favorite from the shoot, a cute pic of my two cousins. Genki 2013 005

All the pictures are of me, my two cousins, my boyfriend and two of my best friends ^^ We had a lot of fun during this shoot, which is why you will find that the photos don't really match the characters so much. We just tried to get som good pictures, without much thought of it actually being about "cosplay".

As for the Exif, it was a fantastic, sunny day, so most pictures are taken with the lowest ISO and ~1/200 sec - it was like a dream come true to look through the pictures after the convention, seeing...