Racism is an anti-racist's term..


Okay, so I know that racism is always a sensitive subject, but I also think that the only way to destroy it is to talk about it, and to teach the so-called anti-racists that most of them aren't making the world a better place for 'blacks', they're making it worse. (and by blacks, I mainly just mean 'people, who are victims of racism', I just need a shorter word for that.. But you know, mainly blacks and muslims)

The problem with extreme anti-racists is, that nothing pointing out a skin color in any way is forgivable. It's not okay to point out that Obama is a black president, even though most people mean it in a good way: he is the first black president, and we respect him for that and it shows that the US has gone a long way since the Civil War. It's not okay to say that Will Smith is a black actor, 'why does it matter'? When Michael Jackson went from black to white, it was sure because of racism, so why shouldn't he also be a pedophile with a sick relationship to his monkey? Yeah, sure...

What triggered this topic for me today was this article:

Julianne Hough Dresses As Crazy Eyes For Halloween, Probably Didn't Think This One Through

Julianne Hough (sounds like I should know who she is, but sorry, I don't) was dressed like Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black for Halloween. And to do that, she made her skin darker. To look like a black woman. Oh, it's on.

How anyone can be offended by this, is a mystery to me. She portraits a character she loves from a show she loves, how can that ever be offending to anyone? Would it be better to just dress up as the character, and stay white? Nah, in my opinion that'd just be a failed costume, honestly.

What's even worse, is that she wrote this on her twitter after the incident:

I am a huge fan of the show Orange is the New black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created. It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize.

What a great person she is, to actually deeply apologize for it - but how it hurst me to see, that it's needed. If you are offended by this, I'd love to hear how you'd make a proper costume of the character. Or maybe you just wouldn't, you would keep to white characters, fitting your own skin color? HOW is that not more racist?

So short in all.. Everybody, who finds stuff like this rasist: you just need to change your point of view. If you find this rasist, YOU are the ones keeping racism real. I find, that racism is often only real because of two reasons: 1. White anti-racists, thinking they're talking for the good of the black, which they really aren't, and 2: Blacks (or for what I know, more muslims, since they're the "racist focus" in Denmark where I live), who raise an atmosphere for their own black friends to hate the whites, because the whites are 'rasists', even though it's not at all true. It ruins the view for whites on blacks and muslims, and the view for muslims and blacks on whites, it creates terrorism, it slows down and even completely stops integration. Please have this in mind, the next time you find anything 'rasist'.

EXTRA (with Danish link)

Now I'll try to make this short, but another thing, that's been bothering me excessively lately, is this:

Nationen skræmmer mig.. (The nation scares me) (Picture)

For those who don't understand it, it's a screenshot from a news-article about the fact, that half of the Danish people woudn't like to have a muslim in their family. Under that, there's all the comments, saying how they understand, how they wouldn't like it either, how sick muslims are etc etc.. but the picture ONLY have the comments that are against muslims. If you, like me, saw the whole, uncut list of comments, you'd see that most of the comments were positive (or at least not negative) against muslims, and that the three comments with most likes were so much against these prejudicing people; two of the top comments even had muslims in their family as well (as son-in-law and husbond), and they wouldn't change that man for anything. Funny thing is, that this picture was shared on facebook by two of my friends. Both muslims. Non of them mentioning how manipulated this is. Now I don't want to point fingers or step on anybody, but this only proves what I said: the minorities have a habit of making each other hate the whites, even though it's not at all relevant - like in this case, where there was also a lot of good comments, which were just taken out.

Don't hate a whole culture because of what the minority of them say. Look at the good things too. And that goes both ways.