Let's help paedophiles with child sex robots.


Far most people agree that having sex with a child is wrong, and of course, so do I. It is pure abuse, and the child will forever be marked and never forget it. Not to forget, it is ethically wrong because sex should be between two adults who agree on it and enjoy it - not between an adult enjoying it and a child not having any idea what's happening.

People do forget, though, that the taboo about having sex with a child - or just getting turned on by children - is partly made up by society. People are disgusted by everything that has child and sex in the same sentence. For example, most western people see cartoons as something for children, and therefore cannot accept hentai (Japanese cartoon-porn). Of course there is also animated porn with children, not to forget child-like sex dolls, and people get repelled by it all and not the least the people who get turned on by it.

There is just one thing to remember, though: none of these things hurt children. Getting turned on by children does not per se hurt a child, and it is not at all a choice the adult has. It is very modern to say, that homosexuality is not a choice - then how come people keep believing that paedophiles choose to be "disgusting bastards"? I honestly think that many paedophiles feel pretty darn bad about the fact, that their fetish is disgusting, illegal and will hurt innocent children if put into practice.

Therefore, it is of course best for them to live out their fantasies in any way that does not hurt anybody else, and this is where the robots step in. Yesterday, International Business Times posted an article about the subject: Child Sex Robots Could Be Used to Treat Paedophiles. A Danish interpretation of the article was posted on a Danish news site on facebook, and this is where I read it at first, thinking "That sounds like a very good idea". The article is basically about making child sex robots that shall prevent paedophiles acting out their urges on real children, and to me, it sounds fair - but of course it doesn't sound good to all people. This is why I choose to write about the subject, 'cause I know it sounds stupid - but I think (some) paedophiles are being treated unfairly.

Just cut the dick off 'em!, Castrate them without anesthesia, That's disgusting, what is wrong with this world!!! is some of the comments the article gets on facebook - and to those of you who now think that these comments are totally right, please keep reading, 'cause I do not agree at all.

First off, I cannot stress enough that of course child molesters shall be punished so goddamn hard that even their ancestors get dizzy. It is so fatal for the children, that a forced castration is more than fair. To touch a child sexually is not at all okay - but note the reason: It is not okay because the child is harmed.

To have sex with a robot does not hurt anybody at all, but still the subject is heavily discussed and admitting desire to do so is highly tabooed. Most people believe that sex is meant to be between two adults, and wanting to do different is seen as ethically wrong and even downright sick. But saying that it's "sick and wrong" to have sex with a robot makes me raise one question: Is it really so hard to understand why some people do not accept homosexuality, if the normal person cannot even accept harmless sex with a robot?

I must admit: I too am one of the persons who think that it is.. well, weird. That is, though, mostly because I just can't get my head around having sex with something that isn't actually alive and doesn't in any way have feelings about what is happening - it just seems bizarre to me. But that really isn't a reason to call the people who get turned on by it, or can just accept doing it, sick.

And I guess, in the end, if people are totally honest with themselves, most people can accept that some people like robots. It's weird in our world, but well, it doesn't harm anybody. But here comes the controversial bottom line: Sex with child robots doesn't hurt anybody either (gasp!).

It is ethically wrong, I can agree to that, but I really do believe that we should not (and I cannot stress this enough!) build our laws and rules on ethics - we shall build them on logical reason and for the purpose of protection of the living and their properties only. We shall not have rules that defines our way of living, such as which objects or which agreeing, fully-understanding-the-situation adult humans we can have sex with.
As for example, in Denmark it is illegal to have sex with your siblings - even though both parts are adults and are capable of agreeing on it. That is just downright ridiculous to me, 'cause yes, I do see that it is once again ethically wrong, but why can adult human beings not choose themselves who they want to have sex with? "There's a bigger chance to get sick children" has never (NEVER!) been a good excuse, 'cause there's darn many people (genetically "fat" people and bearers of haemophilia for some) who's got far bigger chances of getting sick children - shall we totally forbid them to have sex? No, huh?

The fact is, that if two adult siblings agree to have sex, nobody gets hurt, and thereby, I do not see why it should be illegal. Same thing, if an adult man or woman chooses to have sex with a child sex doll, nobody gets hurt - whereas, if he/she chooses to have sex with a child, the child will be hurt. Having sex with a child should thereby of course be illegal - whereas having sex with a child-like doll shouldn't. That if fairly logical to me.

This does of course start a huge discussion, and (too) many people still think it should be illegal. Why so, there are very split reasons for. Many say it's ethically wrong - a reason I have already argued against. Some do also say, though, that it can give the paedophiles blood on their teeth, more wants more and there will only come more molesters. Some come with fairly good arguments about why castration is the only thing that will clinically help, and some say that a doll would never be enough because it is all about the feeling of abuse - and I do see the sanity in some of those comments.

I do not agree with many of them, though, and I honestly get so sad about the fact that most people put all paedophiles in one box, seeing them all as sick molesters who wants to hurt children and only care about themselves and their "sick" fantasies. Most people do not realize the fact that paedophilia physically is actually not anything but a sexual orientation. To say that all paedophiles are child molesters is about the same as saying that all homosexual men are rapists, just because their sexual orientation differs. And that is of course not true.

According to "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders", paedophilia is defined as:

... you have to harbor sexual fantasies about or engage sexually with a prepubescent child for six months or more, and you have to be 16 or above and more than five years older than the child. You also need to have either acted on these urges, or the fantasies must cause distress or difficulty.

This, I read in this article: Adam is a 19-year-old pedophile who has never touched a child. This is his story.. This is the story about Adam, who knows that he is a paedophile but also knows how wrong it is. He tells, that he seriously realized his paedophilia when watching child porn at 16, and he wanted to "reach through the computer screen and kill the person" who did horrible things to a 18-month-old baby. In short - and this is what people really need to realize and understand - he knows it is wrong, and he feels bad about getting turned on by it. Today, 3 years later, his mother knows about it and he is continuously in therapy - and has never touched a child, and will never do, even though he still gets turned on by them. And that is what people do not realize - of course paedophiles know that it is wrong to touch children, just as much as people with "normal" sexual orientations know that it is wrong to have sex with somebody against their will. Thereby, I was shocked by one of the comments, saying that "if we make child-like sex dolls, it's like telling the paedophiles that it is okay to have sex with children". Really? Well, I guess the fact that it's so easy to "rape" a blow-up doll is the reason for all the rapes in the world, then (sarcasm might occur).

Fact is, that there a different types of paedophiles. There are those who get turned on by the thought of raping a child, having the control of it all and the child as your mere sexual servant - and I guess those are the ones where a doll won't work, and those who are the biggest real sex offenders. There are, though - and that is what people do not think about - also those who has paedophilia as a mere sexual orientation, even though they know it's horribly wrong, and many of those (I highly guess) do never do anything about their urges - and I really, really feel sorry for this group, and am sad about all the hatred attacking them.

Try thinking about this for yourself:
You have a sexual orientation. Men, women, whatever. Let's say you like men. Imagine, that that is highly forbidden, because sex with men will harm them for the rest of their lives, and they will never be the same again. You truly cannot be turned on by anything else, everything you want is just to have sex with a man, which you will never be able to without raping. Never ever - a whole life without ever letting out your urges.
You have three choices: One is to just not have sex. At all. Ever. 'Cause your sexual orientation is wrong.
Another is to rape, knowing that the victim will be hurt.
The last option is to have sex with a life-like robot, which will be very close to real life - except it won't take damage from it. You can do whatever you will to it, live out all your urges, but nothing happens to it.

Doesn't the robot sound pretty good now - and couldn't that prevent you from raping a real man? I believe it could, and this scenario is exactly the same one as many paedophiles stand in. I think far most paedophiles would take a robot over a real child, because they know that the child would suffer - and that is why I am really in for the idea of making child sex robots for the paedophiles. I really do believe that it would save many children, because the paedophiles would have other harmless options.

Even more importantly than the specific case, though, I am very much in for helping innocent paedophiles (those who would never touch children). I really cannot describe how bad I feel for them, 'cause they really don't choose to be paedophile and it must be so darn horrible to be marked as a monster, even if you never want to harm anybody. We mark paedophilia as a sickness, and I really think that is darn horrible - and I honestly just don't understand it. Where do people think this "sickness" comes from? I honestly wonder about that. Do you think it is a choice of life because the individuals likes to hurt people? Or because they just want to be special? Maybe that it is taught by someone, or that paedophiles are aliens from outer space? I don't know. But just think about it: Have you chosen what turns you on? And can you just pick-and-choose what you think is nice to be turned on by? Of course you can't. So please, be a bit more understanding about the people who harmlessly differs in sexuality - it is not, honestly, much unlike homosexuality, which some people still see as sickess. Nobody can controll what turns them on.

But of course. To end off with, let me say, that even though I say that "paedophilia is just a sexual orientation" - it is of course a "bad" one. While hetero- and homosexuality are two perfectly acceptable sexual orientations, the world sure would be a better place if nobody got turned on by children. Fact is, though, that these people do exist - and yes, every one of them who actually touches children shall be severely punished. But let us not let this punishment harm the innocent as well - let's accept them and help them instead, that is what will bring us the best results. If they could seek help and therapy without fear of being hated, getting beaten up and getting their lives completely ruined, I even think that there would be less cases of child abuse - because people can stop it before it goes wrong. In short, if we let them get the help they need - even if it's bizarre, child-like sex robots - without marking them as monsers, children can be saved - and is that not in the end what we all want, for the children to be safe? I believe it is, so let's try it. Don't hate without reason.