"Let's create laws against halal without effects!"


During the last few days, the debate about sex between humans and animals has been a big part of Danish medias. This is legal in Denmark, since there has been found no evidence that animals should in general suffer from it, and I do agree that I've yet to hear a valid argument to make it illegal. I'm one of the few who agree to this, though; many people think the argument "A lot of animals suffer because the man's penis is too big or they get tied up or something like that" is a good argument to make it illegal. That, I really do not understand. Am I the only one who have realized that abuse towards animals IS illegal? So if the animal suffers, yes, of course the abuser shall be punished, and he/she already will. So I see no reason to make a law that's all against human inter-species sex; the only thing that will happen is that a some innocent people who have harmless sex with their animals will be punished for no reason.

I don't know if it's a general problem worldwide, but I find that at least too many danes have a huge tendency of wanting to illegalize without good reason and without an argument that it will do any good.

But what I am on to right now is not the sex-with-animals issue. It's halal.
I am right now in a deep discussion about halal-slaughter. One person posted a horrible video of a slaughter of a camel in public. It's neck was cut, and it ran around in hopeless pain, spraying blood everywhere. That, I agree, is without any doubt horrible.

But fact is, that it in Denmark is required by law that animals are sedated before slaughtered/before the neck is cut. Therefore, of course, the process of halal-slaughter does also need to include sedation. And it does; the animal (or at least the cows, which I think are the ones I've read of) gets a bullet to its head, which doesn't kill it, as it does in the "normal Danish way", but it sedates it. Thereby, the animal IS sedated when its neck is cut and no animal abuse occurs.

That is at least how it happens on paper, but many rumors go around that these laws are ignored by the muslim slaughters. Rumors say, that the animals are still killed in horrible ways, and therefore, halal-slaughter in general needs to be illegal.

But that's where I can't help thinking.. what's the point? It is already illegal to slaughter without sedation, so what difference would it make to illegalize ALL halal-slaughters? None good, 'cause the illegal ones are already.. well, illegal.

I'll tell you what bad differences it will make, though. All the legal, harmless halal-butchers will have to hide their businesses from the authorities, 'cause believe me, halal-butchers will still exist. The difference this will make is, that then, nobody will control it - and they can just as well ignore the fact that they should use sedation. Their stores would of course be illegal and "hidden", but a lot of muslims would go here anyway because that'd be the only way for them to get halal-meat. Seriously, the butchers would end up being the muslim drug-dealers - is that what we want?

To be honest, I don't know if most halal-butchers use sedation or not. But why outlaw a whole industry, because a few in the industry already do something illegal? That just doesn't make any sense in my head, and in this case, I only see it increasing segregation - which all the racists (both Danish and muslim) are doing very well themselves. We don't need laws to increase segregation as well.

So, before we create laws, let's find good reasons and see if they will do any more good than harm, shall we? And let's not outlaw everything because of something that already IS illegal. That way, we should just make sex illegal as well, because too many rapes occur. No? No.