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My name is Camilla Gejl, I'm 18 years old and live in Randers, Denmark. I'm currently studying Social Science at Langkaer Gymnasium in Aarhus, wanting to study Religious Studies when I've graduated.

I've made this blog, because I always have too many opinions about things to only spam facebook with it. Though I often comment on articles I find on facebook, I like to have some more space to do with - and I hope you like to read it!

I mainly post about politics and other social matters, but since I live in Denmark, it'd be quite inappropriate to comment on my country's politics in English. Therefore, you might see some Danish posts coming as well - but I'll keep as much in English as I can. It is not all about politics though - this blog will be about everything that comes to my mind; politics, movies, anime/cosplay, photography or whatever else of my interests. So I hope I will post something that sparks your interest.

I hope you enjoy your stay~